#ThrowbackThursday – Halloween 1996


This chestnut comes courtesy of my brother Oscar. It’s not exactly Halloween but a School Spirit week. It was Decades Day and I was all about the 60’s. Not since Woodstock has there been a better expression of “Free Love”. My brother is in 50’s garb giving the Fonzi salute.


Halloween Costumes 2013


In the very forced spirit of the season I took a trip to a Halloween store and was quite surprised by the costumes I found. I mean “Child Wigs”, really? Come on! One Halloween all I had was face paint, that was my costume, paint on my face and whatever outfit I was wearing that day, I was 4. Halloween costumes are out of control these days. Read on to see the highlights…(BTW “Ghostbusters” was playing on the store stereo while I was there)

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