Top 10 Movies of 2016

Here are my picks for best pics in 2016:


My Top 10 Disney Infinity Figures

Wrote a quick article about my favorite Disney Infinity figures:

Disney Infinity Cancelled + My Top 10 Favorite Infinity Figures

Check it out!

“Bordertown” Finale Tomorrow at 7/6c

This Sunday at 7/6c is the finale of “Bordertown” on Fox, a show I did voice-over work for. Below is a collection of clips I’m in:

In the above clip I play Uncle Jorge, my recurring character. Here’s a close look at him:

Here I play the Mexican Albino:

Carl Sagan:

Old Landscaper:

Female Hamster:

Burrito of Glory Guy:

Stretch Lawnmower Driver:

Very Old Mexican:

Hope you guys watch the show tomorrow night, I’m super proud of the work I did on it and the show in general.

It’s been a great ride, I look forward to what’s next. Show may be over but could live on, either way it will be remembered as a cult classic.

#ThrowbackThursday : Stuff On My Pets’ Heads!


This post highlights some of my favorite posts of my pets with stuff on their heads. Just a quick fun post with cute animal pictures, several more after the jump!

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