The Ghostbusters, of course.


That’s how I answer probably the greatest question ever asked in song, “Who ya gonna call?” This grammatically incorrect question has followed me around as far back as I can remember. I would hope that everybody I know would have a similar answer to that question. It would make me feel better to know that.

“Ghostbusters” is my favorite movie, anybody that knows me knows that. I wish I could say that it is something only true friends know about me but just about anybody that has remotely come into contact with me knows this fact. I’m not embarrassed by it but I am a bit of a “Ghostbusters” slut I guess. Or maybe a “Ghostbusters” preacher, sharing the good word with all that will listen.

I’m writing about the classic 80’s comedy because fall is in the air, Halloween is coming fast, and during this time of year the song and the movie get played pretty regularly. It’s a phenomena that probably started the year the movie came out but my earliest recollection of this seemingly match made in heaven came from a Disney Halloween special. In the special they run the short “Lonesome Ghosts” with “Ghostbusters” playing over it. The combination of classic Disney and this anthem to my favorite movie and Saturday morning cartoon got mashed up creating a very confusing situation in my head.

What came first, the song or the movie? Obviously the answer is the Huey Lewis song that Ray Parker, Jr. ripped off but I used to be very confused by this. I didn’t really care because as a child I was a chicken, scary movies and monsters scared the pants off of me and luckily the “Ghostbusters” existed to rid me of my nightmares. I was very glad that Halloween time, the scariest time of the year for children (now it’s Christmas time for me) came hand in hand with the one force on Earth that could keep the spirits of Halloween in check. Unfortunately “Ghostbusters” the movie is not without it’s scary moments, especially for a wussy kid like me.


I always knew exactly when the scary cab driver would show up in the movie so I would conveniently leave the room at that moment every viewing. He doesn’t scare me at all now (ahem) but his ghoulish grin and rotting face were terrifying for lil’ Cesar. I guess that was a trade-off that I had to deal with during Halloween but it was worth it to have my ghostbustin’ friends around.

I’m still not a huge fan of Halloween, face paint grosses me out, and I can never get a cool costume, yet in the back of my mind I appreciate that the “Ghostbusters” will be around. If the song plays on the radio I’ll listen to it. Obviously if the movie is on I’ll watch it, even if it is the taxi scene. Sometimes when I’m feeling brave and do go out on Halloween nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing some dude wearing his homemade coveralls and proton pack reminding me once again of who I’m going to call…


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