RIP Harold Ramis (1944-2014)


“Ghostbusters” (watching it now) is my favorite movie, “Groundhog Day” is my 8th favorite. Harold Ramis also directed “Vacation”, which is probably one of the movies I’ve watched most in my life, along with “Stripes” and the two movies above. I can say I love, truly love most of his films. We lost a great one today…

Here are a couple of my favorite Harold Ramis moments:


Halloween Costumes 2013


In the very forced spirit of the season I took a trip to a Halloween store and was quite surprised by the costumes I found. I mean “Child Wigs”, really? Come on! One Halloween all I had was face paint, that was my costume, paint on my face and whatever outfit I was wearing that day, I was 4. Halloween costumes are out of control these days. Read on to see the highlights…(BTW “Ghostbusters” was playing on the store stereo while I was there)

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The Ghostbusters, of course.


That’s how I answer probably the greatest question ever asked in song, “Who ya gonna call?” This grammatically incorrect question has followed me around as far back as I can remember. I would hope that everybody I know would have a similar answer to that question. It would make me feel better to know that.

“Ghostbusters” is my favorite movie, anybody that knows me knows that. I wish I could say that it is something only true friends know about me but just about anybody that has remotely come into contact with me knows this fact. I’m not embarrassed by it but I am a bit of a “Ghostbusters” slut I guess. Or maybe a “Ghostbusters” preacher, sharing the good word with all that will listen.

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