Top 15 Movies of 2015 (according to me)


I love movies and saw close to 70 movies in a theater this year. In 2011 I made a list of my Top 11, so for 2015 I chose 15. Here we go in ascending order…

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Top 5 Marvel Movies:


Today marks the Blu-Ray/DVD release of “Iron Man 3”, which was one of my favorite movies of the summer movie season. To celebrate I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite Marvel Comics related movies. For the purposes of this blog I did some research and decided to stick to the Marvel Universe proper, which would disqualify “Men in Black” and “Kick-Ass”, both are movies based on comics released by Marvel imprints but don’t exist in the same world as say Howard the Duck and The Punisher. According to Wikipedia there are 30 Marvel feature films that have been released in theaters, all of which I’ve seen, 23 of them in the theater shortly after release. Here are my personal choices for the Top 5 true believers…

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