Top 5 Disneyland Rides by Cesar Zamora


My birthday week has just begun friends! I’ve made this a pretty Disney-fied month, so this week will be one last Disney blow-out. Since I will be visiting Disneyland for my birthday, Dec. 5th (Walt Disney’s birthday as well, NBD) I’ve decided to list my Top 5 rides at Disneyland. Read on to find out my super obvious choices…

5. Star Tours

star tours

This one is too obvious for words, it’s “Star Wars” in Disneyland, so come on! It would always have been on this list BUT I LOVE the new version. I would’ve ranked this ride just as high based on the old version, nevermind that the new version is super awesome! For those of you in the know, I’ve seen all of the different planets you can visit and I’ve been “the rebel spy” twice!

4. Haunted Mansion

haunted mansion

I’ve never been a big fan of haunted houses but this is not really a haunted house, it’s a mansion. It’s super kid-friendly of course and really fun and spooky. It has its moments of real creepiness yet remains toned down for a grade-A wuss like me. As a kid I used to pretend to be a Ghostbuster investigating a case, who am I kidding I still do that…

3. Big Thunder Mountain


The first real roller coaster of my life. I’m sad that in the 3 times I’ll have been to Disneyland this year I’ve not ridden it once due to its refurbishment. I really want to see that stupid goat again! Come back soon!

2. Splash Mountain

splash mountain

Of all the “Mountain” rides  the “Splash” version is my favorite. I’ve seen “Song of the South” once and it didn’t offend me so I wish people could experience it outside of this awesome ride. Seriously, people probably don’t know or don’t care that this ride is telling a story, they just like to get wet. Disney could release “Song of the South” now and just say it’s a movie based on the ride and people would love it.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

I love this ride. I don’t know why, I really don’t. It is just my favorite, I can ride it several times and just be happy. It’s not that exciting or scary or fast but really entertaining. It’s exactly what Walt intended for the whole park, distilled into one attraction. Brilliant engineering, great storytelling, and a sense of magic that’s intangible, that’s Disney, that’s this ride. You love it too.

That’s my list, short, sweet, and pretty lazy. Let me know what you thought!


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