Top 5 “Treehouse of Horror” Segments from “The Simpsons” (Cesar Zamora’s picks)

Treehouse_of_Horror_TV_Guide_1990 Cesar Zamora

I’ve been watching “The Simpsons” from the beginning and because of this Halloween time has been synonymous with the “Treehouse of Horror” for most of my life. This year was no different, but in keeping with the trend of not being as good as the olden days, I was pretty disappointed by this year’s offering. The highlight being Guillermo Del Toro’s opening sequence:

But you’ve already seen that. Read on to discover my favorite “Treehouse of Horror” moments…

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Scary Monkey Monday!


Quick photo post today. Keeping in the spirit of the season I dug up this creepy pic out of my phone, taken in a Tucson, AZ antique store. Besides utter terror this picture reminds me of this. Enjoy never sleeping again!