Top 5 Most Underrated Monsters by Cesar Zamora

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“The Walking Dead” is back on the airwaves and dominating fiercely. I haven’t watched the show consistently since the first season as I’ve never been a fan of zombies. They are slow, boring, cannon-fodder monsters that aren’t scary in my opinion. I think zombies are best used in video games as just villains you can shoot down without a hint of guilt. I dislike zombies so much that I hardly can classify them as monsters, but alas they are the chic monster du jour and have even been “Twilighted”. As Daffy Duck can point out there are way more interesting monsters out there:

Below is a list of a few monsters I’d like to see get some more love…

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Impromptu Movie Marathon

cesar zamora movie marathon

Yesterday my girlfriend Crystal and I had an impromptu movie marathon. She picked a movie she’d been wanting to see for a while and I obliged, then I picked a movie and she obliged. After these first two movies we noticed that the movies were 10 years apart from one another (her pick was from 2005, then mine was from 1995). We decided it was her turn to pick and that it should be a movie from 1985 and we’d close it out with a movie of my choosing from 1975. And that was our Saturday, read on to find out our picks and my thoughts on our choices…
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