Once upon a time a Corgi went to Disneyland


And so began the most epic day at Disneyland with Pancake the Corgi…


Pancake the Corgi and the Dog from Pirates of the Carribean

Riverboat Dog:

While getting some breadbowls and gumbo, Pancake the Corgi rests with an awesome view of the riverboat.

Meeting Pooh & Tigger:

Pancake the Corgi sits near a leaf with Pooh written on it.

Pancake the Corgi hangs out with Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland

Pooh's getting a little excited hanging out with Pancake

Pancake knows there's something behind her.

Pancake the Corgi tries to out Pooh-Bear Pooh.

Tigger and Pancake hanging out.

Tigger and Pancake looking good.

Tigger loved Pancake so much that he got down on the floor with her!

Tigger and Pancake the Corgi

Pancake learns this is the last photo with Tigger....so sad.


Meeting Thor or Thorgi:

Apparently Thor LOVES dogs.

Pancake isn't so sure about Thor's hammer.

Everyone looks good in Asgard.

Cesar Zamora, Thor & Pancake the Corgi at Disneyland


Pancake the Corgi and Ironman


autotopia corgi edition

It's a rough ride. Autopia and Pancake the Corgi

Steering and taking selfies with Pancake the Corgi. Automatic ticket in California

Pancake the Corgi & Autopia Three


Grand Canyon:

Pancake the Corgi and Dinosaurs

Tiki Tiki Tiki Corgi Room:

Pancake the Corgi in the Tiki Room

Pancake the Corgi is won over by the singing birds & flowers of the Tiki Room.

Pancake the Corgi in the Tiki Room Two Pancake the Corgi in the Tiki Room Three Pancake the Corgi in the Tiki Room Four

Pancake the Corgi in the Tiki Room

Sleeping Corgi Castle:

Pancake and the Magical Castle at Disneyland Pancake with the Magical Kingdom Castle



Tea Cup Corgi:

Pancake in the Teacups

Pancake the Corgi in the Teacups two

Pancake the Corgi in the Teacups Three


Grand Finale:

Pancake the Corgi and the Mouse himself

Cesar Zamora, Pancake the Corgi and Mickey Mouse.

Pancake and Mickey Pancake and Mickey Mouse

Special thanks for everybody at Disneyland that gave us such a great experience, all the workers there are pretty much amazing. I’d like to shout out Nick from Space Mountain that helped us out at Star Tours (confusing but true) and Elizabeth at Innoventions that helped us into Asgard. BEST DAY EVER!


10 thoughts on “Once upon a time a Corgi went to Disneyland

  1. These are awesome! Now my corgi has something on her bucket list. She wants to meet Mickey and as many other Disney characters as she can.

  2. Hi! How did you go about getting permission to take your go into Disneyland? I’d love to take my French Bulldog Al Puchino. By the way I loved all the pics your corgi is adorable!

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