Disneyland Pictures + “Frozen” Review (Final Birthday Week Post)


This post will have one last Disney theme before I dust it off again for next year. Below are pictures of my recent birthday trip to Disneyland and my review of “Frozen”!

20131205_114721 20131205_151349 20131205_180254 20131205_210710 20131205_210841 20131205_211102 20131205_211208

Those pictures are from Disneyland, I was joined by my sister Laura and my lady Crystal.

And for my final Disney related piece (for this week anyway) here is a brief review of “Frozen“:

Frozen (2013)

frozen cesar zamora

Short version: I loved it. On par with “Wreck-It Ralph” in my opinion, and overall a great effort. In the past 10 years or so Pixar has overshadowed Disney. In doing the math I realized that while I’ve watched every Pixar movie released, I have skipped watching Disney Animated films in the theater from 2001 to 2010, 2011’s “Winnie the Pooh” being the first Disney Animated movie I watched in a theater in a decade. I feel that in most of those instances Pixar put out the better film but for the past 3 years Disney Animation Studios has outshined Pixar.

GIFs-from-Frozen Cesar Zamora

“Frozen” is a return to traditional Disney musicals in the best sense. I really enjoyed the songs and how they moved the story forward for the most part. There isn’t a song I didn’t like and really enjoyed the voice acting/singing as well. The story wasn’t as straight-forward as I thought it would be and had many twists and turns that were surprising.  Quite possibly the best reinvention of the Disney Princess to date.

GIFs-from-Frozen-Clips-Heartpounding Cesar Zamora

It would be very difficult to choose a stand-out from the movie and just had a great experience beginning to end. I will leave you with the fact that I loved Olaf the Snow-Man and he had a great solo song called “In Summer”. I’ve posted the video below, it’s a great song and a great video, if you want to save it for the movie then don’t go any further. The movie is highly recommended for Disney fans and is probably on my Top 10 movies for the year. Thanks for reading!


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