Top 5 Batmen Choices:


Last night I rewatched the movie “Dredd”, arguably one of the best movies of 2012, definitely the best action movie of that year. Watching Dredd on screen got me thinking of the missed opportunities of the next Batman. I offer to you now a list of some good choices, in my opinion:

5. Karl Urban


Pros: He already played the role in “Dredd”, tough, no-nonsense, and kicking ass. Displaying only half his face the entire movie you still thought he was a badass. He held his own as an action star and believably brought justice to his town.

Cons: He already played the role in “Dredd”. I’m not fully convinced that he could pull off a decent Bruce Wayne and I’m sure he’d be hard pressed to come up with a Batman voice different from his Dredd voice.

4. Will Arnett


Whoa, this list just went off the rails or did it? Actually this would not be for a typical Batman movie, obviously this Batman would skew to the more comic part of his comic book background. I feel that Batman can exist in multiple planes and that a Batman comedy film or t.v. show wouldn’t be a stretch. In such a universe Will Arnett would make a great Batman, so much so that he’s “playing” Batman in “The Lego Movie”. Point, me.

3. Josh Brolin


His face was made to exist in a comic book world, he’s so lantern jawed you could light a city block with his chin. (That makes sense?) Apparently he was a front runner for the role in the new Superman movie (it’s awesome to type that) and I for one was very much in favor of this casting. His stoic squint would’ve put fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere.

2. Michael Keaton


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I posted this never having heard of the Tim Burton films? “Come on give the guy a chance, I think he can do it!” Alas those movies do exist and hold a special place in my heart. A Batman movie set in that same universe with Keaton playing an older Batman would be tremendous. Some have speculated that a “Batman Beyond” movie would be cool with Keaton as a mentor. Obviously bringing him back could be confusing but it would be great to see. Speaking of older Batman…

1. Clint Eastwood


This guy, this is the guy. Now he’s way too old to play Batman in any universe (“Kingdom Come” maybe?) but in the 70’s he would’ve made an excellent Batman. Imagine a dark, 70’s version of Batman, pre-Star Wars & Superman? That would’ve been perfect. So perfect that in the 70’s comics Denny O’Neil pictured Bruce Wayne to look like Mr. Eastwood, example below:



In the 90’s  a “Dark Knight Returns” adaptation with Clint in the title role would have also been spectacular. He could still possibly play Commissioner Gordon or The Scarecrow and not need any make-up.

That’s my list, hope you agree whole-heartedly!


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