My Top 5 Toys of 2015

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Bordertown Premieres Tonight!

I did some voice-over work for this show a long time ago and now it’s finally going to air! It’s called “Bordertown” and it’s on tonight at 9:30pm on FOX after “Family Guy”!

Check it out!

Dodger Meets Chewbacca!


Star Wars has landed at Disneyland! Season of the Force is in full effect, a visit to Jakku and BB8 have joined Star Tours, HyperSpace Mountain rockets you into action, Path of the Jedi is a great Star Wars “Best Of” show at the Tomorrowland Theater, and Star Wars Launch Bay has opened up with a great exhibit showcasing Star Wars past, present, and future. Easily the coolest part of the new attractions, Chewbacca Meet & Greet!!! Below are photos of Dodger meeting Chewbacca as well as a few other pictures of him enjoying the park earlier today…

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