Goldie Hawn & Shaun Cassidy Duet – 1977

Wrapping up my weekly music video series from around the world, we traveled from France to Spain to Iceland and now we’re back in the good old U.S. of A. I found this looking for different versions of the Patience & Prudence song “Tonight, You Belong to Me”. It doesn’t get much different than this. It’s short and sweet, especially because of Goldie…

Serrat – Aquellas Pequeñas Cosas

Joan (pronounced Juan) Manuel Serrat is a singer/songwriter from Spain that as a child I would lump in with other music in Spanish assuming it all came from Mexico. When I got older not only did I learn that it was in reality a whole different style of music but that songs can tell stories with their own form of poetry. This is the first song of his that I ever heard. Look him up.